Vicki McNaught

Manages the multiple Time Trial Teams every week & also manages a lot of our Discord chats by engaging with the community of riders keeping them up to date or arranging teams for events. Is an inspiring team member to have onboard and is a privalidge to have her skills and personality involved in the team. 

Kev Opele

Team Owner - Manages most of the back end stuff along with promotional, Sponsorship & Marketing

Aaron Bleakley

The mastermind of Zwift dynamics also goes pretty good on a bike....aka the PC yoda. Aaron is instrumental in our winning of TTTs across the board is a National Champion on the bike to boot. Aaron's also looking to add a NZ hour record to his list of achievements in 2024 and we'll be looking forward to supporting him in this venture.

Gareth Richardson is a key member of the team looking after the ZRL squads and also assisting on the daily chat's with moving riders and giving advice to new riders. aka Congo loves to ride outdoors and indoors and has a mountain of knowledge on all sorts of outdoor sports.

Gareth also runs Kiwimultisport as his other job hence the widespread knowledge.

ZRL Team Captains

Zwift Racing League - This is run by WTRL (World Tactical Racing League) 

Times are Tuesdays 7pm & 9.20PM or Wed morning 6am & Wed afternoons Next Series is September 2023 

A Grade Teams 

Gandalf - Aaron Bleakley



B & C Grade Teams

Manuka - Lauren Revie 

Uruk Hai - Tobi Weidlich 

Sauron - Tosin Akinmusuru

Gwaihir the Wind Lord - Rob Dallimore

Kahurangi - Gareth Richardson

Legolas - Justin Roy

Gollum - Jamie Wilson

Nazguls - Richard Lutton

Orc - Beppo Wallace

Kauri - Ali Kimber

Totara - Rowena Howard

Sam Wise - Marwan Joury 

Wahine Toa - Margo Southgate 

D Grade Teams

Sauron - Tosin Akinmusuru


Team Time Trial Legends 

A Huge shout out to Vicki McNaught who organizes all of the teams on a weekly basis for the team which takes a lot of shuffling to ensure each rider is placed in a team that matches there ability.  The back bone of the club is people who give up free time to help others, so without these awesome people helping out we wouldn't be able to help as many people as we do

Captains - In Random Order

Marwan Joury - Emma Porter

Rob Dallimore - Tosin Akinmusuru

Aaron Bleakely - Emma Murray

Leith Schwass - Brent Bulmer

Ryan Densem - Gareth Richardson

Anthea Oliver - Rowena H

Lisa Cerilli - Stephen Haynes 

Kyle Gray - Vicki McNaught 

Jamie Wilson - Stew Sayer

Craig Marsh - Collette Gascoigne-Spittle

Ali Kimber - Joe Sutheran 

Mark Chambers - Matthew Graham

Casper Prinsloo - Beppo Wallace 

Adam Framp - Wayne Millow

Tom Gollins - Margo Southgate

Justin Roy - 







Time Trial Management Team

Vicky McNaught 

Aaron Bleakley

Gareth Richardson

Podium Teams  

Rob Dallimore 

Aaron Bleakley 

Ali Kimber


Team Time Trial Squads (WTRL)

Weekly Team Time Trials - F = Female M = Mens MX = Mixed MXND = Mixed No Drop keep together A+ = Top team

These teams change constantly to suit availability so all riders need to register weekly to race

Thurs - Time 

Jaffas - 6pm (MX)

Pie Sandwiches - 7pm (F)

Possums - 7pm (MX)

Snag & Sizzle - 7pm (MX)

Ghost Chups - 7pm (F)

DB Drafters - 7pm (MX)

Pick N Mix - 7pm (MXND) 

Jandals - 7pm (MX)

Lolly Cakes - 7pm (F)

Pekapeka - 6.30pm (A+ M)

Tui Crew - 8pm (MX)



Friday - Time 

Lamb Chops - 6am (F)

Pavlovas - 6am (F)

Mutton Birds - 6am (M) 

Wekas - 6am (MX)

GoGo Pepi - 1.30pm (MX)

Road Runners - 1.30pm )(MX) 

Terrible Tazmanian Devils - 1.30pm (MX) 


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